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Event Information

Event Info:
Beginning in 2001, the women of Bloomington and Monroe County joined together to build a home in partnership with a family in need. During Women Build, homes are built in just 11 days, and all volunteers are women. Teams of friends, colleagues, and those who just want to make a difference join together to sponsor each day. Each builder commits to giving or raising a minimum of $250 by her build day to assist in sponsoring the home (purchasing land and building materials).
This year's Women Build will take place April 28 - May 13, 2017. Overall, it will take 11 build days, 325 volunteer builders, 3200 volunteer hours, and $170,000 to purchase land and materials for the two homes.
When Habitat for Humanity builds a home, the owners pay an affordable mortgage that funds another home until eventually we build a community. There is a limit to how many people can build a Habitat house, but there is no limit to how many people can contribute to Women Build. You can sponsor a volunteer builder by making a secure donation on-line through this website. The legacy of women building a brighter future for Monroe County families through Women Build is a remarkable one. Thank you for your support of this important event!
Event Location:
Wiley St.

Event Schedule:

Lowes Day (Crawl space conditioning, & floor system prep)4/28/2017
Floor systems (Team Lead: Brandi Host & Theresa Thompson)4/29/2017
Build wall components (Team Lead: Erin Thomas & Cheryl Clark)5/2/2017
Build & stand walls (Team Leaders: Chris Geary, Shellie Taylor & Mary Coniaris)5/3/2017
Trusses, sheathing (Team Leaders: Susie Smith & Mindy Risen-Sanders)5/4/2017
Insulation & roof shingles (Team Lead: Susan Fleener & Karen Correll)5/5/2017
Siding & roof shingles (Team Leaders: Suzanne Thomson & Kerry Thomson)5/6/2017
Siding, painting (Team Leaders: Wendi Goodlett, Meredith Rogers & Karen Adams)5/7/2017
Doors, trim & siding (Team Leaders: Kim Arnold & Lori Miller)5/10/2017
Cabinets, siding & porch railings (Team Lead: Barb Berggoetz)5/11/2017
Countertops, hardware, siding (Team Lead: Nancy Baldwin & Leslie Kaiser)5/12/2017
Finish, punch list & cleanup (Team Leader: Amy Anderson)5/13/2017
Standard: No Fees
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Participant Level
Pick 3 Items ($2,000.00 + ) 
Pick any 3 incentive items

Quarter-zip pullover ($1,000.00 - $1,999.99) 
Women Build OGIO dry-fit, quarter-zip pullover.

Tool Belt ($750.00 - $999.99) 
Women Build Pink Belt

Sweatshirt Blanket ($500.00 - $749.99) 
Women Build Sweatshirt Stadium Blanket

Water Bottle ($350.00 - $499.99) 
Women Build Camelbak Water Bottle

T-Shirt ($250.00 - $349.99) 
Women Build T-Shirt

N/A ($0.00 - $249.99) 

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